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Operation Team Leader

Responsible for supervising and directing operation and overseeing terminal managers in a region, district or other geographic area. Coordinate terminals with the rest of the operating system ensuring the highest possible level of terminal and line haul production. May assist corporate officer in review and planning of terminal operations, may have audit control over accounts receivable, credit policies, account procedures and reports, cost and budgeting control and performance of claims and safety programs in the area. Can recommend hiring and dismissal of personnel under his control. May have sales responsibilities.

Terminal Team Leader

In addition to the operation responsibilities, a terminal manager with sales responsibility directs the sales activities in the territory assigned. Responsibilities include the effective and aggressive development of sales potential of the terminal. Coordinate sales activities in with terminal operations analyzing tonnage and other reports and noting any imbalance of freight volumes.

Distribution Team Leader

Responsible for dock operations on an assigned shift. May hire, discipline and discharge dock personnel? Supervise routing of shipments, loading of freight. Coordinate with OS&D clerks and dispatchers. May also recommend personnel for promotion.

Maintenance Team Leader

Supervises work on repairs and inspection of equipment. Distribute repair orders to mechanics, make decisions relative to mechanical repairs of company vehicles, trains new mechanics and apprentices. May direct and expedite the flow of equipment undergoing repair in the shop. May coordinate the shop's equipment requirements as indicated by the dispatching department.

Safety Team Leader

Develops accident control programs. Establishes record keeping systems and survey methods to show types and degree of accident problems. May develop programs so that safe work procedures can be followed by employees. May provide guidance to supervisory personnel on techniques of hiring, training and supervision that will promote safety of operations. Advises other departments on regulatory requirements relating to safety and control of hazards. Could also handle accident claims, worker's compensation matters and reporting required by safety regulations.

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