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Truck Driver

The professional transport driver is the most vital part of a trucking operation. He or she is a skilled, highly trained professional with a safe driving record, sound judgment and respect for other highway users.

The truck driver is the front line representative for the motor carrier. Trucking companies are looking for people who enjoy situations involving tasks that are repeated often and regularly and are done according to set procedure and attaining precise standards.

A driver must be a self-starter, in good physical condition and possess a clean driving record. The driver must be both familiar with and adhere to safety regulations and rules.

Driver Trainer

Fully experienced in all types of equipment operated by the company, instructs drivers and potential drivers, makes decisions on drivers qualifications; may be involved with safety programs; and is involved with a trucking companies safety program.


Diesel mechanics are employed by trucking companies that fix and maintain truck engines. The individuals will work both in the field doing emergency repairs and in the service shop maintaining and overhauling equipment.

The refrigeration mechanic maintains the trailer units of trucking companies that are involved in the delivery of produce in need of refrigeration. The diesel mechanic must go through an apprenticeship which also involves several years schooling and hands on experience.

Trucking companies have found that individuals who are attracted to this occupation enjoy dealing with things and objects and working with details, processes and techniques. Both groups of mechanics enjoy a variety of duties that change constantly, tasks that are reported often and regularly and are done according to a set of procedures and attaining precise standards.

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