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Hi-Way 9 Freight transportation, trucking and logistics - Our Vision

Our Vision

Our management is dedicated to providing a personalized and dependable service and we feel that can be best accomplished through a team atmosphere. That team is comprised of trained, knowledgeable and hard working professionals that drive our trucks, handle your freight, service the equipment, process your paperwork and answer your inquiries. They are key to insuring our customers receive the quality of service that can only be provided by “The Carriers that Care!”

Core Values

  1. To provide quality service backed with integrity.
  2. To foster an environment built on mutual respect inspiring our team to excel.
  3. To understand passion and commitment create excellence.
  4. To promote safety, teamwork and professionalism.
  5. To understand the sense of urgency.
  6. To be an innovative solutions provider.
  7. To dedicate ourselves to continuous improvement through measurement.
  8. To be industry leaders.
  9. To maintain profitability that ensures continued growth.
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